but first, Coffee.

The Department of Brewology is curated by David Salinas, an illustrator by trade and a recovering barista.  Eon’s ago David worked extensively as a barista with about 8 years of experience under his belt.  Once his design clientele began to build up he eventually and quite reluctantly set aside his barista apron and took to his drafting table.  As of late he's become quite obsessed with hand-drawn typography, working well into the night trying to perfect his craft.  If he's not tirelessly burning through micron pens working on type treatments, he's scouring ebay, hunting for vintage letterheads, ephemera and old insurance maps.
Although quite obsessed with design & illustration he does often pine for that old barista apron.  So for the last decade he's made the most of being a home enthusiast when it comes to coffee.  Its been a FUN journey exploring the craft of brewing coffee; discovering new techniques; geeking out on extraction yields following amazing bloggers like James Hoffmann, David Walsh, Aaron Blanco, Lorenzo Perkins & Brian W. Jones.  Although an illustrator at heart he's never lost sight of his first love…..COFFEE!